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Hungry in Hazelton News letter

New Skeena Forest

New Skeena Forest August 9, 2003
More arrests at Carnaby today
80 year old First Nations grandmother chained herself to trucks

Dan Veniez Manager of the New Skeena tried to remove equipment from the Carnaby saw mill in Hazelton. The workers have been out of work for 2 years and are still owed about 3.7 million dollars.

First Nations and CEP workers proudly stood together to prevent the equipment from leaving the site to be sold off by Dan Veniez. As the RCMP arrested one person, another person would step in to their place.

If you went into a bank and took $20,000.00 out at gunpoint the RCMP would go after you. But if you take 3.7 million dollars from people you do not even have to wear a mask, and the RCMP will be forced to help you,

pictures of Carnaby and the protest to pevent the equipment from leaving.

June 27, 2003

CEP 298 supports all the people of Hazelton.

CEP 404 the First Nations and the citizens of the Hazelton are fighting for the future of the area while the sawmills are all shut down logging trucks are rolling by to export raw logs. This means jobs, their children’s future and money is all rolling down the road and getting exported with the logs.

Dan Veniez Manager of the New Skeena has been reported as saying he has offered to sell the Carnaby Saw Mill for One Dollar ($1.00) to the people of the Hazelton area at a meeting. The people of Hazelton excepted the offer but Dan Veniez does not appear to want to follow through with his offer.

Dan Veniez has said he wants to open up the mills.
How can he open the mills if he is selling all the equipment needed to run them?

The people of hazelton have realize something had to be done.

This is one of the pieces of epuipment Dan Veniez is selling apparently his plan is to sell everything and buy all new equipment when he starts up the mill. This could be very truthful if he has no plans of starting up for 20 years or so.

What do these guys look so happy about?

The towns of in the area who are waiting for back taxes realized there was something wrong. They did not waste any time to make sure their money did not leave on the back of a low bed truck.

Never to be seen of again in our opinion.

This is what can happen When we all stand together.

As the CEP Banner says "Rethink, Rise Up, Resist"

A happy day in the Hazelton area.

CEP 298 supports CEP 404, First Nations and the Citizens of the Hazelton area, at the Carnaby Saw Mill

When the People of BC voted liberal they did not vote to have their Jobs Exported. How can exporting our future be good for the working people?

In Solidarity