CEP Local 298



March 31, 2003, 8:30 pm

Kent Elliot wants to be able to change the company agenda at any time during negotiations. ie. When playing blackjack you deal yourself a hand of cards and start the game, and if you donít like the way the game is progressing you just deal yourself a new set.

Kent Elliot wants to be able to withdraw concluded issues at anytime during negotiations even after they have been signed off by both parties. At best this is blackmail ie. It is everything or nothing.

On this protocol item the union clearly said we wanted signed memorandums of agreed to items. Kent Elliot wants all signed memorandums of agreements to have certain language on it that allows him to withdraw the signed memorandum if he does not get all the items he wants. Kent Elliot will not even tell us what the certain language is, he just says it will be there and that will be its purpose.

Kent Elliot agreed to a time for negotiation, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and the location, City Centre at Eurocanís expense. This is all that he would agree to, all other items were basically I will tell you later or the cheque is in the mail reasoning. Your delegates are not going to start negotiations in an unfair position.

When there was no sensible agreement coming from Kent Elliot on the way to handle signed memorandums of agreement we moved on to discussing the negotiation expenses responsibility with the company, Kent Elliot offered the same agreement that they have offered 1127, the offer was 4 days pay for 4 delegates on the condition that there was no interruption of work. Your delegates replied that the compensation for expenses was not a big issue for us, Kent Elliot said they had nothing else to talk about, your delegates thanked Kent Elliot for the meeting then left the protocol meeting.

At this time we have no signed protocol agreement, and we will not proceed without one.

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In Solidarity

Peter King
President CEP 298