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Cohn Taylor really did help us


comfortable with and the conversations will become much more animated. When you don't know who the government is going to be, and you don't know who the minister is going to be, I always say 'before you shoot your bolt, make sure you know you can get some results from it'. At that time shooting the bolt would have been a waste of energy. I can assure you that the Trade Advisory Committees effort's memorandum is on the top of the list.

10. Terry Moore - Crown Packaging, New Westminster

Right now there has been a number of recent arbitration's regarding the 80/20 rule and the time and complexity thing. Do you see that as being a short term thing? Do you see those rules relaxing from 80/20 to 70/30 and then eventually it will just be more of the practical application of trade flexibility?


I have talked to Hans Suhr about this in terms of his award. I called Hans Suhr and I said "Hans, there is a bunch of rule of thumbs, but there is no formula. This is not scientific". It don't go 20 or 21. So what has happened is a number of other award's have come out, Cohn Taylor's award and a few others. Cohn Taylor did receive a couple of phone calls to sort of tell him what took place at the bargaining table to make sure that we killed this idea of a complete formula. The awards that have come out since then have said exactly what you've said. It will just be practical application over time. I think your guys are relatively comfortable and it has probably worked out well. Down in Castlegar there was potential for a real problem and hopefully it has cooled down.


Cohn Taylor really did help us in regards to some of the language that came from others, that could have been interpreted in a real dangerous fashion.


If you haven't got a copy of Col in Taylor's award in which he references Hans Suhr's award - you should have it.


Where I am coming from right now is that, we have one of the local's that you've said may be a little slow on the uptake of flexibility, and they are looking for hard and fast rules. That is something that I have been very obstinate about I tell them "No, I don't want hard and fast rules, I want to be able to let this develop over time

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