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be persistent in pursuing it


If they were in good shape, they sat back and stayed in good shape on the basis that, the words here don't give us any more trade flexibility than we have now and we are not unhappy with it. The ones that were unhappy with it should have right away taken some initiative to emphasize to the unions, that the company believes that the wording that was achieved as a result of the percentage increases that were granted, the pension plan changes, and the other things that were built into that Fletcher agreement that was the standard for the industry, what we got in return was trade flexibility of some nature, and we are pursuing it and being persistent about it.

I can't criticize anybody in this room for not showing the initiative, some showed a little too much initiative. If you are one of the one's who's company hasn't done anything on it, they looked at the words and said "Hey, if that is half way there - we are already 80% of the way there so let's stay underground and keep our mouths closed because we are doing pretty good". Some are doing pretty good. They looked at some of the examples and said "those are the ones we can't do - we've been doing those for 10 years. For example, people driving the forklift around and people taking their own materials around. The guys do that, they drive the trucks around, they go pick up their materials and don't wait for Materials Management to do it and that is a no no under the trade flex. You have to look at where you are at and say does this take you anywhere. If it doesn't take you anywhere, sit and wait for the next move. If it takes you somewhere, be persistent in pursuing it. As this gentleman said, they are slower to come around but be there all the time - not in their face - but on the front burner of the stove.

Thank you very much for having me up.

One last comment - I worked for BC Rail and I had 1600 people, but I didn't direct those 1600 people. There were literally 150 Supervisors out there. I found them to be my best ally going and I want to say that I respect the job that you do on the basis that over the last number of years you've had to take on increased responsibilities. You are the guys that carry the heavier work load. Secondly, Management is never satisfied with your production in what you do. I value the job that you people do and I think the industry is well served by the people out there. I want to thank you for your contribution.

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