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Polls Close at 7:30 pm September 15, 2003


YES VOTES------------213

NO VOTES-------------74

PERCENT YES----------74%

PERCENT NO-----------26%

You can return to work on September 16, 2003 Tuesday morning.

If you are not able to return to work call your supervisor and inform the company.

If you are not able call your supervisor Please call the union hall.

Sorry for the website problems. We think we have fixed it but we will keep watching it

September 9, 2003
The meeting to Discuss and Vote on the proposal will be on
Monday September 15, 2003 2:00 pm .
in The Community Room at
The Riverlodge Recreation Center

For three (3) days CEP Local 298 and Eurocan with the mediation assistance of Richard Longpre Assistant Deputy Minister of Labour tried to arrive at an agreement.

On Monday September 08, 2003 Richard Longpre made a mediators recommendation to settle the dispute. CEP Local 298 and Eurocan agreed to recommend Richard Longpre's proposal.

The proposal contains NO CONCESSIONS

We are going to get the package ready for the Wednesday September 10 2003 Membership Meeting.

As per our bylaws the members must have the contract for five (5) days before voting.

September 05, 2003

We met with the company today and the company and the Union agreed to bringing in a mediator. Richard Longpre Assistant Deputy Minister of Labour has agreed to act as mediator He will be in town on Saturday September 6, 2003 in the afternoon.

September 04, 2003

We met with Eurocan today for Exploratory Discussions CEP Local 298 walked in and withdrew 11 of the big-ticket items off the table we modified 2 more and agreed to 3 company positions. After a full day of talks the company did not agree to a single thing on the Union's agenda. And all day we listened to the same stuff from the company that caused the strike in the first place.

It is our belief that there is a deal there but we don't see the value in any more face-to-face talks if the company is not interested in changing their way of meeting. We believe only a 3rd party will be able to resolve the Labour dispute. We have offered the company the option of a mediator but as of today the company was not willing to agree to mediation.

We are meeting on Friday September 05 2003 at 9:00 am for more Exploratory Discussions.

September 3, 2003
On Tuesday September 2 2003 we sent this letter to Eurocan. We have agreed to take part in an "Exploratory Discussions" on September 4 2003

August 29, 2003

The District of Kitimat on Thursday August 28, 2003 sent us this letter We have been asked to take part in an "Exploratory Discussions"
Eurocan sent us this letter about "Exploratory Discussions" on Thursday September 4, 2003

We are going to try to get a better scan

We are also setting up something for school supplies, bulk buying of the basics we have the lists from the schools. The basic school fees, bring your receipts in on Thursday September 4, 2003 Friday September 5, 2003

August 26, 2003

We met with The District of Kitimat on Monday August 25, 2003 at 10:00 pm. We have been asked by the District of Kitimat to send another invition to Eurocan to return to the bargaining table? We agreed and sent this letter

Back to School Haircuts Kelly has arranged with a few local hairdressers to come in to the union hall and cut kid’s hair.
Thursday August 28 2003 at 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
If you are interested please contact Kelly at 632-6274 to make an appointment.
Kelly and Connie are setting up a Kid’s Clothing Swap on August 23 2003 1:00 pm at the Union hall. If you have any Gently used Clothing to donate or have any questions please contact Kelly at 632-6274 or Connie at 632-2678

We have a lot of childrens clothes at the hall, you can pick up on Thursday August 25, 2003 and Friday August 25, 2003

August 20, 2003

We have been asked what is happening with the District of Kitimat's Proposal? The council will be discussing it on Monday August 25, 2003. We will keep you informed as we get more information.

August 19, 2003

When we started negotiations the union proposed that we NOT negotiate in the media, to try to keep the process friendly.

             2003 union position: Protocol 6

             Both parties agree to a complete 'media blackout'
             for the entire length of the negotiations.

Eurocan said 'they would put anything they wanted in the media and we could not stop them.' We were disappointed. Then Eurocan started with full page adds in the newspapers.

On Friday August 15, 2003 I was invited to a radio talk show, Eurocan declined to go on the talk show, now they say, 'They did not want to negotiate in the media.'

August 18, 2003

We have received the letter from the District of Kitimat and CEP 298 has agreed to meet with the Council.

The B.C. Supreme Court has ruled.

August 15, 2003

We just got the results of the B.C. Supreme Court ruling on the acid truck the company was not successful and the judge has awarded us costs. We have not got the official ruling but we are hoping to get it at the beginning to next week.

August 13, 2003

The Mad Cow Barbecue Picnic went well. Reg, Cliff and Danny made sure all the burgers were cooked “Well Done” and no one asked for a rare burger. Besides the 1127 and 298 members and their families, we also had brothers and sisters from CEP Local 404 Carnaby come over to show their gratitude for all our support we have given them.

On Tuesday August 12 2003 at 10:15 am a truck hauling acid crossed CEP local 298’s legal picket line. On Friday 14 2003 at 8:30 am Eurocan is bringing another truck hauling acid crossed CEP local 298’s legal picket line. Why is Eurocan bringing another acid truck in? Everyone we have talked to says the same thing, “Eurocan is just trying to antagonize the workers.” It is the same “Stick in your eye” attitude we have had for the last 5 years

Remember this: Company's Relationship Improvement Opportunity

“We are preparing a document outlining our proposal to deal with the relationship improvement opportunity, which we offer as the sole agenda item for this meeting.”

Slowly but surely West Fraser and Eurocan is losing all creditability as more and more people realize what they are like.

As of today we have not received any letter from the District of Kitimat.

Course instructor, Tommy MCmanus
contact Jim Harrison for registration 632-6887

Soccer School for the kids - sponsered KYSA and ALCAN
RE: August 11-15 day school
Registration fee $40.00 will be deferred for union
employees CEP 298 AND 1127, until 3 months after the strike

August 9, 2003
More arrests at Carnaby today
80 year old First Nations grandmother chained herself to trucks

Mad Cow Barbecue Picnic
WHEN: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:00 P.M.
WHERE: CEP Local 298 Picket Line at Eurocan Way.

We’re inviting all CEP 298 and 1127 members. Bring the whole family to our picket line picnic for MAD COW burgers. There will be fun for the kids and adults along with the good food. There will also be vegetables, fruit and desserts.

Joint Union Meeting Local 298 & 1127 at Rod & Gun Club Wednesday Aug, 6, 2003 6:00 pm

The meeting went well, first part was dispelling all the rumors that where out there, of course most of them started with the statement “a staff person told me.”

We handed out copies of Rick Maksymetz letter of August 05, 2003 that dispelled the rumor that Eurocan wants to negotiate and it must be the Union that is the problem. Most people were clear in their minds; the problems we had in the past 5 years are the same problems we are having now.

This proves the company’s relationship improvement opportunity will mean 5 more years of the same stuff. The saying is, “a leopard never changes its spots.” Why won’t West Fraser put all the great things we are getting told in writing (in a contract)? They must have no intention of honoring it because if it is in a contract, in clear language the courts will force them to honor it.

The question you have to ask yourselves is “Why won’t West Fraser put it in writing?”

Hint: if there is going to be a vote we will post it on this site

Joint Union Meeting

Local 298 & 1127 at Rod & Gun Club
Wednesday Aug, 6, 2003 6:00 pm

Received August 5, 2003

Dear Peter:

Thank you for your August 5, 2003 and July 16, 2003 letters to Hank Ketcham and myself respectively

Regarding your specific question to me “Do you want to get back to the bargaining table?” the answer is that our final offer, which is still currently open for acceptance by your membership, stands



Rick Maksymetz
General Manager

We have scanned the actual letter and put it up on the web site Rick Maksymetz letter of August 05, 2003 .

Rally at Carnaby at 1:00 PM Saturday Aug. 2, 2003

There is a convoy coming from Prince George of Union People from around the province to support the people of the Hazeltons. Carnaby(Stock)

Ken flemming Rob Doig and Cliff Gardener donated deep freezers to store frozen food in down at the union hall.

Kellie Ruff is will be willing to take on this responsibility. Thursdays and friday you can come down to the union hall and get some canned good. This is a joint venture with CEP Local 1127

HELPERS Wednesday July 30 2003 at 2:00 pm at Overwaitea we have a food order coming in and we had a great turn out people to load and unload trucks.

We also have had a few People mention, they need some work doing that need some Expertise. So if you need some help or can help out please call down to the union hall.

Update of the meeting on the July 23 2003

We talked about the changes to the picket schedule and what is happening at Carnaby and the fact that in all this rush to give Dan Veniez money, the Carnaby workers are owed over 3.7 million Dollars

Also at the meeting we discussed Richard Longpre from the Ministry of Labour booking out of the attempt to get Eurocan to the table and what it meant to us. The direction from the floor was to stop thinking about a quick resolve and start planning for a long one. So that is what the executive is working on now.

July 22, 2003

Richard Longpre from the Ministry of Labour was involved in the dispute between CEP 298 and West Fraser. His position was not to negotiate a deal it was simply to get the 2 parties back to the table.

CEP Local 298 agreed to meet ANYTIME

CEP Local 298 agreed to meet ANYWHERE

CEP Local 298 agreed to meet with ANYONE

CEP Local 298 agreed to meet with NO PRECONDITIONS

CEP Local 298 agreed to meet “AND REMOVE AGENDA ITEMS”

July 22, 2003 Tuesday night Richard Longpre called me at home to tell me he was not able to get the parties to return to the bargaining table.

Why was Richard Longpre not able to get the parties back to the table? You will have to ask him.

What was West Fraser position on these questions? You will have to ask West Fraser.

Boycott Meeting Wednesday
July 23 2003 At 2:00 pm
at Union Hall

Meeting at union hall to discuss the Petro Canada Boycott and Changes to picket duty at Carnaby and in Kitimat.

This is because of what happened with the Petro Canada fuel truck crossing our
Legal Picket Line.

Petro Canada boycott page



July 18, 2003

CEP local 298 Consumer Leafleting

On May 27 2003 CEP local 298 began a Legal strike at the Eurocan Pulp and Paper mill in Kitimat B.C. CEP local 298 has had a Legal picket line at the Eurocan Pulp and Paper mill in Kitimat B.C. mill site. About 350 members are out on strike over safety and dignity issues. These people are your neighbors and customers in our city

Friday July 18, 2003 AT 9:15 AM a Petro Canada fuel truck crossed CEP local 298 LEGAL picket line this is a Canadian Company and they have assisted Eurocan Pulp and Paper in prolonging the strike.

We are asking everyone to BOYCOTT PETRO CAN and PETRO CAN products

Petro Canada boycott page

July 17, 2003

West Fraser Timber’s 2003 Second Quarter Conference Call
Hank Ketcham talks about the Eurocan mill strike

Download Media Player

We sent this letter to see if Eurocan was interested in going back to the table. letter to Eurocan So far no reply

July 16, 2003

Richard Longpre Assistant Deputy Minister of Labor was in town to try and get the talks restarted between CEP 298 and Eurocan.

We had 2 days of discussions, of what could get the talks to begin again. These talks were interesting but unfruitful.

Currently there is no talks scheduled

July 11, 2003

Company's Relationship Improvement Opportunity

Now the company has a NEW “Relationship Improvement Opportunity” Eurocan is taking us back to the Supreme Court again. Because a fuel truck refused to cross our legal picket line, Even though the RCMP were there to make sure we did not do anything illegal. Eurocan is going to waste the Supreme Court’s time instead of negotiating in good faith with us. Slowly but surely Eurocan and its management are losing all creditability as more and more people realize what Eurocan is like.

July 8, 2003

CEP 298 negotiating committee and Eurocan met July 8, 2003 at 10:00 am. until 2:00 pm. The company said if we sign the last Concessions offer with no changes to it the company would do the following proposal.

The company's relationship improvement opportunity on a CEP 298 web page

July 7, 2003

The company and CEP 298 negotiating committee will be meeting July 8, 2003 at 10:00 am. to discuss, quoting the company:

           “We are preparing a document outlining our proposal to deal with the relationship improvement opportunity, which we offer as the sole agenda item for this meeting.”

We don’t have any other details at this time but we will put up an update as soon as we have more information.

July 3, 2003

All the people of Hazelton are holding a picnic at the Carnaby Saw Mill.
We are all invited to go out and have a good time.
It is at, 11:00 am Thursday July 3, 2003 at the entrance

Kitimat July 1, 2003 Parade

CEP 298 entered a marching band in the Kitimat July 1, 2003 Parade. We were the best marching band in the parade. And the noisiest. The marchers all were wearing our “CEP 298 Safety Tee Shirts” It rain of course. It wouldn’t be a Kitimat July 1, 2003 Parade if it didn’t rain. But a good time was had by all

June 27, 2003

CEP 298 supports all the people of Hazelton.

CEP 404 the First Nations and the citizens of the Hazelton are fighting for the future of the area while the sawmills are all shut down logging trucks are rolling by to export raw logs. This means jobs, their children’s future and money is all rolling down the road and getting exported with the logs.

JUNE 25, 2003 5:00PM
at the picket line

Strike Steaks (hot dogs)
Pop, Balloons, Good Friends
Bring your own lawn chair!

June 17, 2003

At 2:00 p.m. Premier Campbell attended a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce office with the Mayor and City Council. The message from our Mayor and Council was that our resources are for local jobs not for export was clearly communicated to the Premier. Chants from the concerned citizens and groups were “The RCMP don’t like working for drunk drivers!” “Stop selling power!” “Stop Selling Saw Logs!” “If Gordon Campbell wants to live in a 3rd world country, he should move to one and leave B.C. alone!” and many more slogans.

Instead of coming out the front door and facing the concerned citizens and groups Gordon Campbell crept out the back door and into a police car and was whisked away. So people started to call him “Back Door Campbell”

The CEP was well represented and we had the big CEP banner with “RETHINK, RISE UP AND RESIST” on it. A special thanks To Karl-Heinz Luethje, Terry Lam and Dan Belleville who proudly carried the banner. Even though it was short notice CEP clearly had the largest turn out. Partly because our web site is checked out by every one in town on a daily bases!

Negotiations Update

Though CEP 298 is willing to meet with the company to resume negotiations anytime. The company has not made any overtures to meet.

Premier Campbell
June 17, 2003 1:00 P.m.
Chamber of Commerce
Rally to save B.C.
We need every one to show up.


June 14, 2003

Your executive is planning a Special Secret 2003 Strike Project and we need as many members of CEP 298 to sign up for the special duty. To find out what it is you will have to come down to the Union hall or call on Monday for instructions. We will also give you something to say if people ask, “What is SECRET 2003?” This will keep everyone in the dark except CEP 298 members. This has been sanctioned by the CEP National and Dave Coles and must be kept confidential.

June 13, 2003

The meeting with Dave Coles was well attended. Dave gave us an update of how things were going in the province. Dave stated the national supported us 100% because no one else in the CEP was having the problems with a management group like we were having here.

The Picket line Picnic yesterday was interrupted when CN came down with their staff and took Loci 1375 across our picket line. Our brothers and sisters in the CN unions refused to cross our Picket line. The members of CEP Local 298 want to thank all the union members at CN for their support.

Pick up your Strike Assistance Cheques

June 12, 2003

Picnic at the Picket line
2:00 pm today bring the family

Dave Coles CEP region 4 V.P. will be in town on

June 11, 12, 13, 2003

G.M. Meeting with Dave Coles Thursday June 12, 2003 4:30 pm the meeting Will be at the Union Hall.

Strike Pay Cheques should be ready on Friday June 13, 2003

June 10, 2003

The B.C. Supreme Court has ruled.

We don’t have the official ruling but this is what we understand. The company did not succeed in their application, but we must let the individuals across until we get a ruling from the LRB. We are waiting for the official ruling with an explanation of what it means from our lawyer.

It is disappointing that the company is willing to do this and not willing to negotiate in good faith with the union.

June 9, 2003

The court action by the company over the contractors on site was not decided on Monday but will continue Tuesday

June 8, 2003

The court action by the company over the contractors on site was not decided on Friday but will continue Monday

June 5, 2003

We have been asked what is some of the "NO COST" language that the company refuses to talk to the Union about or the news papers or radio.

Why has the company not put these union positions in the news paper? Probably because it does not fit with the misinformation the company is pedaling. If they can get the public believing a lie then people will attack the union.

Why did they not close Smithers mill? Probably because no one from Smithers would be able to put pressure on us, but closing the Terrace mill and guess what happens?


June 4, 2003

It is disappointing that the company is more interested in stalling by going to the LRB and the B.C. Supreme Court, than sit down with the union and bargain in good faith to get a contract that both parties can live with. In our opinion it is because they don’t know how to negotiate.

Some of the items other mills in the province have got, Blue Net Card, full benefits for retirees, the 4- 10 work week and no concessions. They have the Blue Net Card else where in west Fraser why can’t we have it here?

June 3, 2003

Since the Union turned down the company's final offer on May 27, 2003 the company has not talked to us about further Negotiations.

MAY 31, 2003

People have been calling and asking if there is anything the members on the line need. I asked them and they said "fire wood, hot dogs and buns"

CEP Local 298 Negotiation Update

MAY 29, 2003

The question has been asked, “What will it take to settle the dispute that we are engaged in?” Your bargaining committee has made it clear to the company bargaining committee that to settle this dispute they will need to address your concerns in regards to safety, training, seniority, dignity in the workplace and that there will be no concessions on any part of the agreement. The Norske pattern was based on the premise that there would be no concessions; West Fraser and Kent Elliott are clearly demanding concessions.

We are continually asked about our outstanding demands on monetary issues and we have made it clear to the employer that money is not our main concern. Safety, training, seniority, dignity in the workplace and language issues are what is important to us. The workers that have retired from CEP Local 298 and Eurocan who built Eurocan are important to us. The company is putting out the spin that money issues are the only things the union is interested. The company knows this is not the case; this is another West Fraser and Kent Elliott strategy to spread misinformation.

We have shown the company what is necessary to allow the wounds of the last five years to heal and the blue print that needs to be put in place place to rebuild trust. Both parties agree trust will be necessary for Eurocan to be successful for another thirty years and for all workers at Eurocan to have dignity in the workplace.


Sign up for strike duty at the union hall

CEP Local 298 Negotiation Update

MAY 27, 2003








CEP Local 298 Negotiation Update

May 21, 2003

The Eurocan has filed with the LRB for a last offer vote.
The LRB has set the date at:
Tuesday 27 May 2003 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm in the activity room
at the Riverlodge recreation centre 654 Columbia Kitimat

West Fraser and Kent Elliot are not moving on your language positions. We have given them every opportunity to look for a resolve that meets your needs while addressing theirs. The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"

For 5 years West Fraser and Kent Elliot could not be trusted but now West Fraser and Kent Elliot say "TRUST ME" for the next 5 years.

Do they trust your negotiating committee? .

Do they trust you? NO! West Fraser and Kent Elliot are treating you like children. So they want grown ups to make sure you vote right.

West Fraser and Kent Elliot are telling you they are offering the Norski deal. The Norski deal is a NO CONCESSIONS DEAL. West Fraser and Kent Elliot want concessions.

West Fraser and Kent Elliot have not addressed your agenda items. The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"

Safety,------ The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"
Training, ------The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"
Seniority,------ The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"
Blue Net card, ------The companies' answer is "NO" employees will forget to claim so we get to keep the money
Apprenticeships, ------The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"
Relief supervision. ------The companies' answer is "NO"
Line of progression, ------The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"
Safe manning levels, ------The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"
False job qualifications, ------The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"
A fair discipline process, ------The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME"
Acceptable Benefits for retirees, ------The companies' answer is "NO" They get enough.
And Clear no cost language, etc. ------The companies' answer is "NO" "TRUST ME

Your negotiating committee and your executive are asking you and recommending you vote "NO"

CEP Local 298 Negotiation Update

May 20, 2003

Final Offer, after an 89% vote, West Fraser and Kent Elliot have made minor changes, to items we have already discussed, and slapped them together and created a final offer. We are not going let West Fraser and Kent Elliot insult you and call a vote every time West Fraser and Kent Elliot make some minor contract language changes.

It is only Kent Elliot's culpability in the behavior of the Eurocan Pulp and Paper management team that prevents him from reaching an agreement with us over our contract language items. Kent Elliot and those like him are responsible for the unfair and unsafe working conditions in the mill for the last five years.

West Fraser and Kent Elliot are not moving on language positions. We have given them every opportunity to look for a resolve that meets your needs while addressing theirs. West Fraser and Kent Elliot have not addressed your agenda items, Safety, Seniority, Line of progression, Training, False job qualifications, Apprenticeships, Safe manning levels, Acceptable Benefits for retirees, Blue Net card, A fair discipline process and Clear no cost language, etc.

West Fraser and Kent Elliot have only one way to maintain the existing unfair and unsafe working conditions, and that way is to somehow lower our resolve, our resolve which has been forged in the last five years, it will not be broken in the last hours of this negotiations.

May 19, 2003

89% yes

11% NO


10:11 AM TUESDAY MAY 20 2003

May 14, 2003

MAY 19, 2003 2:00 PM, 4:30 PM, 7:30 PM

Some Key Issues

Safe manning levels
Benefits for retirees
Clear no cost language
Pay cheque corrections
False job qualifications
A fair discipline process

We are offering a common sense business sense team work way to get the work done more efficiently. The employer wants to keep the 1920's style of bully management.

2 1/2 percent raise 1 1/2 of the raise goes to the pension equals 1 percent raise or
If some one made $25.00 per hour
$25 X 1% =$0.25
$0.25 X 8 = $2.00/ day
$0.25 X 2000 = $500.00/year

The company refuses to pay the workers benefits and the worker pays the employer back after the strike or lock out.

The Union pays the benefits and the workers pay The Union back after the strike or lock out if no protocol is in place.

You should go into the bank and talk to them about your mortgage during a strike or lockout.

Strike pay will be $250.00 per week the usual rules apply, member in good standing, signed up for picket duty, etc.

May 16, 2003

On Wednesday Kent Elliot was challenged on false claims he had made the previous week. He had agreed to provide evidence to back up his false claims and he has not. He was told he would not be allowed to make false claims at the negotiating table.

Once again Kent Elliot has attempted to make a false claim while at the negotiating table. During a discussion on strike protocol Kent Elliot said that Local 298 delegates had proposed illegal picket lines as a threat. This is false. When asked for a copy of the company's meeting notes that would support the company claim, Kent Elliot refused to provide them.

In the past Local 298 picket lines have been token affairs, under law we are allowed a full moving picket line across all mill access points. We have said that if the company pays the health and welfare benefits of Local 298 members during a strike, if one occurs, the members will repay this amount to the company during the first six months when they return to work. Kent Elliot is not interested in a token picket line; whatever is allowed by law is his standard. We believe this is not good for the community. We offered to meet on Monday and the company refused, your delegates will be meeting with the company after the strike vote.

May 7, 2003

We have served the company with 10 days notice.
We have not served the company with 72 hours notice.
We will be meeting with the company on Wednesday May 14, 2003

May 6, 2003

We have had 6 meetings with our members

Our members are very disappointed with the lack of progress

The company is still saying things like “if we give you language on making corrections to mistakes on pay cheques we may as well shut the mill down.”

How can we negotiate with an employer that does not use reasoned arguments? The company is simply using tired platitudes.


AT 2:00 PM 4:30 PM & 7:30 PM

12:OO PM UNTIL 8:00 PM

April 30, 2003 We have signed off on a few items now.

APRIL 30, 2003 The Company has not signed off on a single item yet.

The Futura account will be open from May 1, 1003 to may 31, 2003 for you to with draw your money. You do not have to do anything to have it carry on it does it automaticaly


APRIL 28, 2003 8:20 PM



On Wednesday April 23, 2003 we had 3 meeting 2:00 pm 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm. At these meeting we explained the company is not making the move we need in the areas of safety, job security, language and some cost areas. The members where clear
“Seek a Strike Mandate”

Ballet vote will be held at 3 meeting in the union hall on:

April 28, 2003 at:

2:00 pm 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm.


Check bulletin boards and http://www.cep298.com/negotiations.html

For vote meeting times and dates

In Solidarity

Peter G. King
President CEP 298
Our page is hosted on www.hypermart.net